Jeanette Bläser Hatvani


I used to work as a nurse, and have since then switched to the travel industry due to the endless possibilities in regards to working with people all around the world. My goal is to help you with customizing a trip to either Mauritius, Austria or Denmark.

I am in the believe, that we can and should learn a lot from each other across the world.
I developed my first interest in communicating and recommending Mauritius, when I first experienced the peaceful coexistence of so many different cultures and religions, even participating in each others traditions and festivals. Every country, every population, has wisdoms to share and absorb. 

I live in Denmark and have connections and roots to Austria, Mexico and Mauritius, which is why it is possible for me to arrange unique trips to these destinations. So whether you are a fan of renting a holidays house in Denmark to experience the beaches and lots of art and culture, or of a villa on the tropical island of Mauritius, or even of the “Zimmer frei” experience in Austria, then Hatvani Travels is the right place for you.