Welcome to Hatvani Travels

Your opportunity to experience a variety of exciting trips, affordable prices, and meeting people all around the world! 

Hatvani Travels currently offers Denmark and Mauritius as possible travel destinations. This might however be subject to change in the future.

Let the journey begin. 🙂


The ideology behind Hatvani Travels is to establish a deeper understanding between cultures, create relations across borders and support individuals, families and organisations working towards making this world a better place. This is achieved by giving locals the possibility to offer you experiences and knowledge. This does not only benefit the local population, but also gives you a unique view and understanding of the culture and way of living, that would not be obtainable through regular travel sites. Furthermore, Hatvani Travels donates 100 DKK per booking. 

In Mauritius, the animal welfare organisation “All Life Matters Animal Sanctuary is supported ongoing. Check them out!!